Thursday, October 13, 2011


Good morning everyone! 

Honesty, this is a subject that I feel men just don't quite get. With honesty, men could fix problems, not create problems, and overall have a better relationship with a woman. 

Take it from me, I've dated liars, and not mean liars, just liars who don't want to get in trouble, so they hide little things from me. I always find out, and it creates more of a problem, just because they've lied. If they were just honest to me in the first place, there would have been absolutely 0 problems in the relationship or close to it. 

In my opinion, guys lie usually about the dumbest thing, the smallest thing and it creates a very large problem, and that problem is now a TRUST ISSUES. This is a huge reason for lost of trust, especially with me. I don't care what the lie is, big or small, it is easiest worked out with honesty. If you're honest up front, how can someone hold that against you? They really can't, cause the answer was he did this, but at least he was honest with me about it. Instead, most men will do something, hide it, do it longer, hide it more, then eventually the lady will find out on her own, and it'll be a HUGE issue. 

In my personal relationships, I've been brutally honest. If the person I'm with asks me something or I've got something going on, I tell them. Most people that know me and have met me, know this. They know if they want an honest opinion on anything, they can ask me, and I'll give it to them. To me, that is just the right way going about pretty much anything. There are stipulations to this rule; like if your pregnant friend has gained more weigh than she is happy with and asks, ''Am I fat?'' then obviously, you say, ''no you're beautiful.'' If you have a friends or family going thru health problems that take a toll on their body and they want to know if they look terrible, the answer is NO, you're beautiful.

BUT! If it comes to lying about taking the trash out, lying about who you had lunch with, about where you were (pub, friends, football game, strip club, etc.), if you've been text messaging with someone, if you've been cheating, walked the dogs, doesn't matter it STILL HURTS! Honesty, is the best way to go, otherwise you end up hurting the people you love and care for. Would you rather destroy someone inside and out with these kinds of lies, or just be honest and fix the problem before it becomes a big one?

If anyone wants to discuss this with me, lets do it. If you have a question, like ''Should I tell my girl friend or wife?'' Then ask away. I'll help you through it, because I'd rather help you help yourselves, then hurting someone else. Does that make sense? It sure does to me. It is better to keep the trust than throw it away, and have to earn it back. It is better to hurt ones feelings with honesty, then to destroy then from within with these lies. Even if your lady puts a smile on her face for you, inside she is broken and untrusting of you. So, don't lose the trust in the first place. If you're honest, most likely things will be worked out, and she'll feel better about the situation no matter what it is. Or take the alternative, lie, hide things, she'll find out, be destroyed, you'll have to work even harder to try and keep her or not piss her off (depending on the lie), and you'll have no trust from her anymore, because you've broken it. So, you will probably lie, but HOW will YOU handle IT?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Here's a story from the road...

Alright, let me tell you first, that Lacey and I like to take random adventures for absolutely NO reason. You can ask many wrestlers like Trik Davis, manager Eryn, promoter/wrester/manager/commentator Dave Prazak, etc.. etc.. etc... These are great people to ask, cause we randomly show up at their house's.

Thanksgiving was soon, so I decided to fly home to Minnesota to celebrate with family and friends. This was when I was with TNA, and still very blonde. So, Lacey and I decided to drive to Chicago to see some people (hopefully they're home) esp. Dave Prazak to celebrate his late birthday/early Christmas/2 days before Thanksgiving and to go to The Bongo Room. #1 We like to sneak attack people #2 You need an invite to go to the Bongo Room, this is not a place for anyone, Lacey and I have a perma invite.

Ok, so we set off to Chicago on a 6 possibly 7 hour adventure. We stop by the pink elephant on the way and there are NO stickers! Also, this adventure is on VHS somewhere, not sure who has it, but the Racey and Lame adventures may be released

We stayed a few days, but the first day we stayed at Cabana's condo. We decided to make friends a vegetarian dinner, so we discovered a grocery store and went shopping. We took it back to Bana's and started cooking. We decided to make vegetarian tacos and burritos. MMM!! As we cook, I'm the type of person that cleans as they go. Everything is going amazing. Lace and I are cooking, I'm cleaning up in the kitchen sink, then all of a sudden I start to get wet feet, LITERALLY! No one had told me the sink was broken and you had to be VERY careful as you tried doing the dishes. SO, I completely flooded Bana's kitchen. I actually don't think he knows to this day, cause he's never given me crap about it. Well, I found towels all over the house to clean it up, and hung them in the bathroom to dry. When I was done de-flooding the condo, I went back to help Lace. We created an amazing dinner!!! It was a great evening with friends and food, always a great combo.

The next morning, had some Bongo Room w/ a few friends, and BANA! LOL! I could barely look at him without laughing (still doesn't know I flooded his condo). The breakfast was amazing, but you'll never know, because YOU are not invited!

I honestly can't remember where we went after the Bongo Room and for the rest of the day, but there was something RIGHT HERE.. ANYWAYS...

It's getting late, Lace and I have made a few stops, but the stop we were destined for was still a destination we needed to reach. As we're in the car, with a late birthday/early Christmas present bag ready to reaction from Mr. Dave Prazak himself, we pull up to his house. We're sitting in the car with the lights off like true creepers. The lights in the house were pretty much off, so we didn't want to disturb. So, for probably about 5-10 minutes we'd been calling Dave over and over, and getting the same ridiculous voice mail.

WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN! The garage door opens, a car starts to back out, but our car is OFF and we rush to turn it on. As this car backs into ours, ALMOST HITTING US, we get the car started and gun it out. Then pulls along our car is Dave and he's yelling, ''WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE.'' We yell back in our nervous laugh, ''HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY, EARLY CHRISTMAS, 2 DAYS BEFORE THANKSGIVING!''

This FLOORS  Dave, literally, as he takes off in his car. We start to follow him, as he reverses and comes charging at us, as we're almost @~:@ ourselves. We hurry and park in his driveway, we run up to his car and Dave yells, '' WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?'' We reply, ''Happy late birthday-early Christmas-" days before Thanksgiving!!!!''

We jump in the car, and he keeps repeating himself as we keep repeating the same thing. Then he drives down this one road, FOR A REALLY LONG TIME! I think Lacey and I are worried at this point, because he starts telling us about this murder that just happened in Chicago. As we try and figure out if Prazak is going to kill us, or just drive down this one road for a really long time, we come to the conclusion we're going to die.

He decides to turn off this road he's been driving down forever, then pulls into a parking lot with a Curves. I respond, ''Are you going to Curves?'' I thought this was a smart questions, because he was wearing a windbreaker track suit. I mean, why else would you be wearing this? Clearly, he was leaving the house to workout! But I was WRONG as Prazak had told me. As we sit in the CURVES parking lot, we give Dave his presents. As he opens his presents, he's completely shocked! He LOVED the card, hated some of the silly presents, but LOVED a picture of my pug Collin. He secretly LOVES Collin. They once had a boxing match and Dave told him he wasn't booked, and that was the day they fell in love. Also, there was one present that he FREAKED out, and ripped up into pieces, but he secretly loved it. I'm sorry, but that is something that would have to be seen to understand, boy that was an AMAZING gift!

So, after he opened all of his late birthday presents-early christmas-2 days before Thanksgiving presents, we headed back to the Prazak Estate. Dave takes us to our bedroom, we hang out a bit more, then he tucks us in. The next morning, we set out to look for a paaaaannnnaaaaaacake places, which there are bunches, (this isn't our first looking for pancake places w/ Dave rodeo) and after passing at least 20, we find one. We have a lovely breakfast, snuggles and cuddles, relived the night before and
said our goodbyes.  This will always be an adventure to remember.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Something I've taken for granted

During my high school days, I had amazing skin. As a very young adult, I had terrible skin. This is when I was learning how to wrestle and becoming a pro. I learned to take great care of my skin, and it has been amazing since. I used great products like Obagi, washing my face twice a day, using sunscreen and routine facials. I've always had ''Normal Skin'' and used normal skin products to maintain my skins health.

Well, for the last 4 months my skin has taken a turn for the worst. In 9 days, I turn the big 3...0... I guess since I'm leaving my 20's and entering the VERY early 30's my skin wants to completely change on me. Starting all over at the age of 29, I've got to learn how to handle this (as I point to my face and make a big circle around it). So, my friend Shawnte told me to some to her school and she was going to have a look at what I call, ''My mess of my face.''

So, last night I went to her school as I laid on the table for the examination. She grabs this big light, puts it over my face, takes a good, and says these words to me, ''You've got oily skin.'' WHAT? I've never had oily skin! I first thought, ''Now I need new facial products.'' Then she tells me I need to go buy all new products for my face, because I probably wasn't using facial products for oily skin. I swear she read my mind.

After the diagnosis, she cleaned my face, steamed it, then put a mint mask on. I woke up this morning with a clearer face. Today, I've got a list of products I need to go buy. YEAH! SPEND MORE MONEY! But you know what? It's worth it, because as I was leaving the house, all I could do was think about my skin till I saw her. If it takes spending a little money to make me feel better about myself, to balance my skin back out, and not have to worry about what my face looks like, then it's completely worth it to me.

So, if you're active like myself, try witch hazel oil (on a cotton ball) as an astringent if you're out and can't get to a sink to clean your face.

Now it's time to experiment with my face to see what works best for me.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Owning a Dog

First off, I want to state I am a dog owner and lover. Now lets get on with the story.

Two days ago, I was shopping for my pug's food. When I was leaving the store, I noticed a large out of shape man walking an out of control boxer. As he's ''walking'' the dog, the dog is jumping all over people as they walk by. Not only does he not have control over the dog, but that dog is the wrong choice for that man.

Bringing me to my point of this blog. If you're going to choose a dog, and you're not an active person, then get a dog that matches your lifestyle. If you're an active runner, biker, roller blader, etc, then get yourself a boxer, a terrior, even a pug (they are what you are). If you have an active lifestyle, you should have a pet that matches. If you're not active, if you don't go for walks/runs/etc on a regular then get a dog to match your lifestyle. Get yourself a big lazy dog, a small lap dog, or a pug (if you're not active, they won't be either). Get a dog to match your lifestyle, then you and the dog will be happy. Don't go out, get a boxer, and expect the boxer to be a lye around the house dog, because they're over active dog.

You can check out to help you choose the proper pooch for you.