Thursday, October 13, 2011


Good morning everyone! 

Honesty, this is a subject that I feel men just don't quite get. With honesty, men could fix problems, not create problems, and overall have a better relationship with a woman. 

Take it from me, I've dated liars, and not mean liars, just liars who don't want to get in trouble, so they hide little things from me. I always find out, and it creates more of a problem, just because they've lied. If they were just honest to me in the first place, there would have been absolutely 0 problems in the relationship or close to it. 

In my opinion, guys lie usually about the dumbest thing, the smallest thing and it creates a very large problem, and that problem is now a TRUST ISSUES. This is a huge reason for lost of trust, especially with me. I don't care what the lie is, big or small, it is easiest worked out with honesty. If you're honest up front, how can someone hold that against you? They really can't, cause the answer was he did this, but at least he was honest with me about it. Instead, most men will do something, hide it, do it longer, hide it more, then eventually the lady will find out on her own, and it'll be a HUGE issue. 

In my personal relationships, I've been brutally honest. If the person I'm with asks me something or I've got something going on, I tell them. Most people that know me and have met me, know this. They know if they want an honest opinion on anything, they can ask me, and I'll give it to them. To me, that is just the right way going about pretty much anything. There are stipulations to this rule; like if your pregnant friend has gained more weigh than she is happy with and asks, ''Am I fat?'' then obviously, you say, ''no you're beautiful.'' If you have a friends or family going thru health problems that take a toll on their body and they want to know if they look terrible, the answer is NO, you're beautiful.

BUT! If it comes to lying about taking the trash out, lying about who you had lunch with, about where you were (pub, friends, football game, strip club, etc.), if you've been text messaging with someone, if you've been cheating, walked the dogs, doesn't matter it STILL HURTS! Honesty, is the best way to go, otherwise you end up hurting the people you love and care for. Would you rather destroy someone inside and out with these kinds of lies, or just be honest and fix the problem before it becomes a big one?

If anyone wants to discuss this with me, lets do it. If you have a question, like ''Should I tell my girl friend or wife?'' Then ask away. I'll help you through it, because I'd rather help you help yourselves, then hurting someone else. Does that make sense? It sure does to me. It is better to keep the trust than throw it away, and have to earn it back. It is better to hurt ones feelings with honesty, then to destroy then from within with these lies. Even if your lady puts a smile on her face for you, inside she is broken and untrusting of you. So, don't lose the trust in the first place. If you're honest, most likely things will be worked out, and she'll feel better about the situation no matter what it is. Or take the alternative, lie, hide things, she'll find out, be destroyed, you'll have to work even harder to try and keep her or not piss her off (depending on the lie), and you'll have no trust from her anymore, because you've broken it. So, you will probably lie, but HOW will YOU handle IT?

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