Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Owning a Dog

First off, I want to state I am a dog owner and lover. Now lets get on with the story.

Two days ago, I was shopping for my pug's food. When I was leaving the store, I noticed a large out of shape man walking an out of control boxer. As he's ''walking'' the dog, the dog is jumping all over people as they walk by. Not only does he not have control over the dog, but that dog is the wrong choice for that man.

Bringing me to my point of this blog. If you're going to choose a dog, and you're not an active person, then get a dog that matches your lifestyle. If you're an active runner, biker, roller blader, etc, then get yourself a boxer, a terrior, even a pug (they are what you are). If you have an active lifestyle, you should have a pet that matches. If you're not active, if you don't go for walks/runs/etc on a regular then get a dog to match your lifestyle. Get yourself a big lazy dog, a small lap dog, or a pug (if you're not active, they won't be either). Get a dog to match your lifestyle, then you and the dog will be happy. Don't go out, get a boxer, and expect the boxer to be a lye around the house dog, because they're over active dog.

You can check out to help you choose the proper pooch for you.


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  1. Interesting perspective. Well written and good point. Saw your link on the Glory site, so I thought I'd check out your blog. I haven't written on mine in awhile, but wouldn't mind your opinion if you wouldn't mind checking it out.
    The Scatman