Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Uncensored Battle Royal

Hi All,

I know you all know that WSU's Uncensored Battle Royal is here this weekend. If you haven't heard, the stipulation of this match is that IF I win I get a title shot, and if I lose, I quit wrestling.

I have had a LONG run at WSU for about 3 years now, maybe even longer. I've had some of the longest matches at WSU, especially with Mercedez Martinez. I have had years of going for the belt, but I have never won it. I do regret never being able to win the title.

I've got a lot going in life, lots of changes, other ventures to be announced in the future, and even other wrestling ventures coming soon. I've had a great run in WSU, some really great matches, lots of new female faces to wrestle. I've also got a really big rumble ahead of me, and whatever the outcome is I'm grateful for the run I've had and the people I've gotten a chance to meet.

So, if I win, I get another chance to try and win the title! But if I lose, I thank you all for coming to the shows, because without you fans, we wouldn't be the company we are. If I lose, to all the ladies I've worked, asked for advice, and made it a great time every time I came up that way. If I lose, I thank everyone in the office for booking me, dealing with me (LOL I'm a pain in the ass, straight to business), and using me to my full potential.

Please come out to see me this weekend at WSU (@ wsuwrestling.com) and head to the site for directions. I'll also be bringing pictures and be out for autographs.


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