Saturday, February 25, 2012


I've got a few things to get off my chest before this next WSU show. I've got a few things I need to address. I've got a few details that I've got to point out to you all, before I even get to the building. I've got a lot to say, and I'm sure you want to hear it.

First, I've got to remind all of you that Jessica Havok won the SPIRIT title from ME! Who didn't get a rematch? OH! That would be ME! Couple issues I have with Jessica before I get on with my issues with WSU.
Jessica! Just so you know, because maybe you don't. I was first a part of Konnan's army down in AAA Lucha Libre. I brought that up to WSU. I made my own army. OH! You may not remember. I asked you to be a part of it, and you were in MY ARMY. OH! Yeah, you probably remember that YOU turned your back on me by stabbing me in the back. Now, you have your own army? HM! Interesting? Maybe I should attach a picture of my outfits, so you can visualize while I continue. Now here's my issues. You've not given me a title shot rematch after you screwed me over for my title, but now you've copied me and started your own army, but now you dress like me. Stalkerish much? I think I may need to get a restraining order, just in case you break into my house and I find you rolling around smelling my shoes next. Going to quote Ron Simmons, "DAMN!!!!''
WSU! Now as the company and the owner, wouldn't you think that he would make this match happen? HM! Doesn't seem like WSU is being run with any sort of rules. Where is our general manager to enforce some of these rules. I don't know, clearly not the owner, clearly not any of the office, because if we had a real general manager, wouldn't they make sure this match happened MONTHS ago? You know, after I had won then lost it? Right? W worst S sense U usual? I dunno, lol, I tried. Get my point?

Second, I've still not had a chance at Mercedez. Out of all the WSU wrestlers, I deserve a title shot. I'm the one that has put the time, the work, and my life on the line to get to her the first time, and to hang with her through our matches. Not only do I deserve another shot, I know people would want to see it.

Third and last, but not least! We've got Lexxus. Actually, not we've got, I've got! I've got her right where I want her. Come next weekend Lexxus will be mine alone and in my ring! She wants to elbow my little sister (Jetta) right in the mouth and bust her face open. She wants to cheat to win to beat the IHWC. She wants to try and attack Serena while she is injured and NOT cleared from a doctor to wrestle, because of a serious concussion she had just received. Then she wants to go online and run her mouth about me. This girl isn't just asking to get her teeth kicked down her throat, but she is looking to DIE!! DIE!! DIE!!! I'm not just going to teach this girl a lesson, I might be ending this girl's career. Seriously! You've not just messed with me, but you've messed with family and friends. I don't tollerate this from anyone, especially a disrespectful, frizzy haired, umpa loompa, over spray tanned midget. I'm going to stomp her face in come March 3rd, and that will be the last you'll have to hear from that whiny little voice of hers. THIS IS PERSONAL!

So, come next weekend, you're going to see a whole new side to me. You're going to see a side with zero tolerance for anyone. My patience has run out with WSU, Havok, Lexxus and anyone who stands in my way to get to the title.


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