Thursday, January 30, 2014

Big Brother Big Sister

People keep asking me why I decided to become a Big in the Big Brother Big Sister program. I get asked; "Why?" Told,  "It'll look great on your resume!" Someone told me, "I thought about it and never went through with it." Some comments from people about me being in the program are either REALLY rude and they don't know it, or VERY supportive, which makes me happy. 

Well, when I was 8 years old I got put in the program. My grandma couldn't really do anything with me, so she put me in the program. My grandmother is in a wheelchair and suffers from MS. I was a very shy child and didn't get out much, so she thought this would be great for me. So, I met my Big and I was very shy. I rarely spoke to her, but she kept trying and trying. Eventually, she got me to make decent conversation, but I was still very shy. My Big put me in many situations where I'd have to introduce myself, use my manners, educated me on the things she found interesting, etc. She stayed with me from age 8-16. We went our separate ways as we were both growing up, but it wasn't a falling out,  just a change in each other's lives. 

Fast forward 15 years later, I decided I wanted to pay it forward. I received a little names Reniyah who's 8 years old! That is the same age I was when I started. I want to help my little Reniyah to grown up to be a wonderful lady. I absolutely love my little and I believe she loves me. I couldn't have asked for a better little lady to spend my time with. She keeps me on my toes, and teaches me as much as I teach her. I've only had her for about 8 months, but it feels like I've known her, her whole life. 

I just hope she keeps me longer than a year, which is the contract you sign.  I would like to give her at least the years Lori gave me, or longer. 

I hope some of you join BBBS, because there are a ton of little boys and girls who need role models in their lives. 


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